Millennial generation eager to work, ‘but on their terms’

Are millennia’s too eager to work on their own terms? The author of this article sure thinks so. I think more in depth research should have been down. This paints a picture that millennials have more concern for their individual right to choose work than anything. But it’s messy, and not that simple. We can only reflect on the market crash in 2008/2009.

In essence this article easily helps paint the millennials as this generation who is hard to work with, work for, and work to promote. Knowing that the 2008/2009 World Market crash/hiccup helped bankrupt the world, better reporting should be done to paint a better picture of the hardship millennials, i.e. people of color face in getting a job.

#millenials #2008/2009Crash

"Breakfast With A Purpose"

Good read article from the Columbus Dispatch if you are trying to figure out the work thought process of the Millennium generation. Click on link below:

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