I, Too, Am Miami

Being Black and Ph.Ding It

that could be a good tag line. in ways i stole the idea from the undergraduate students at harvard seeing that they are on a roll calling harvard white privilege on the carpet. So many feelings rushed over me as i peered through their tumblr, link here: http://itooamharvard.tumblr.com.

this tumblr was setup to combat the covert and overt racism that african american students and students of color face at one of the world’s most prestigious schools. the argument is that racism continues to poke its ugly head out even in a time that we believe we are post racial. often a farce, the post racial thought bearers use narratives such as “some of my best friends are black” or “I don’t see color” or the best one “my partner is a minority so i understand and i can’t be racist.”

so much now we find that everyone has a…

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