This is the About section of the I-­SEEED

This is the About section of the I-­SEEED

I-­SEEED strives to build an ecosystem of “solutionists” to solve our communities’ most pressing social problems. We believe that through innovative economic, educational, environmental design, and cutting edge technology, we can create just and sustainable communities for all.

I-SEEED facilitates the sharing of knowledge and resources between schools, businesses, universities, and communities. Our collaborators come from Schools of Medicine, Departments of Social Science, Schools of Engineering, scientists with backgrounds in clinical and preventive medicine, computer science and information technology, social networks, political science, wireless technology and population health, clinical and experimental psychology, ethnic studies, public health, education, child development, gender studies, exercise and nutrition science, urban planning, new media and biology.  We see our inter-disciplinary approach as a key innovation and obvious strength. We engage youth and community-members in educational and environmental design, STEAM* Education, and participatory approaches to sustainable community development. 

We believe that through deep investments in people, place, systems and structures we can fundamentally transform the built environment – heal social and environmental trauma – and provide opportunities for all children and families to reach their full potential.


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