Protect Me

Dear Dad,

Open up your mind and you will find the mastery of God’s unwary love so define. A Black Man with so much spirit the chains and shackles can’t contain the love and wisdom locked away in you/r brain. Search for me like you would a missing babe, and you find a black man grown to an age Trayvon, Michael, Renisha, and Jordan couldn’t attain. Protect me with your prayers, love me with your heart, Americans thoughts of me while growing better are still so dark.

Your son,

Johnnie Jackson


Oceans Away

Oceans Away

Oceans away my body swam

Chains carried my blood back to my home land.

Oceans away my love knew

Thoughts of freedom the wind carried my body like strange fruit

Oceans away my soul told

My mom and dad on the block to be sold

Oceans away I come from a thousand dances

Many knew white folks with sheets burned crosses in nightly prances

Oceans away from my real tongue

My broken English continues to be in broken song