Outlawing Hoodies

Should states be allowed to outlaw hoodies? Read this article then address the reasonings why states should or should not be able to outlaw hoodies.

Article: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2015/01/03/3607687/oklahoma-hoodie-ban/


One thought on “Outlawing Hoodies

  1. People always try to say what you belong to and what you wear makes a statement, why don’t we try a new style more colorful clothes and stop wearing hoodies. Sagging is fashion but sometimes we just got to say fuck it, I’m all over the place with this issue because this is usually targeted to younger age groups and young adults. Fuck color, even though it’s important and very prevalent people are still going to discriminate if you are not rich….there are many factors that go in this! As people we need to come together and love first and foremost! Stop discriminating on what people wear and start setting up more programs to help the poor from getting poorer! And I can’t talk about not wearing hoodies because I have one on right now…so maybe it’s not the people that’s the problem but the system!

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