black dove

i flew back to the white doves to talk about life and love

from below, being a black bird, the wind took all birds no matter their color to the same destination

i was surprised by my love with the white dove that we could glide together but the wind would hit us so differently having us understand the twoness of the nation

the white dove never could feel how the wind hit me

it isn’t her fault at all the wind so powerful can control how the bodies of black birds move through the sky

unfortunately, to the naked eye the black birds wings look so full, but the promise of the wind clips the imagination and experience

oh white dove, oh white dove, please know, my black bird soul loves yours, but the wind will help you never know

me, the black bird, i am out of the love for the white dove, but my heart, eye, wings, and flesh wish her well

forty years from now, i hope the wind forms a different spell


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